Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (A Mixed Review)

Wiliam Borusewicz, Staff Writer

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Rouge One: A Star Wars Story is not a bad film, but it is a flawed one. There are things that we as moviegoers and Star Wars fans try to ignore as we watch this addition to cinema’s most beloved franchise, but, in the spirit of being fair, we must remember to evaluate it as a movie.

​Many people I’ve discussed the film with agree that the characters, while enjoyable, are forgettable. Many people can remember the characters, but on the whole, the cast seems to have been forgotten. I find myself remembering their character types rather than the actual character names. I can remember that there is a character who is hardened by war and feels he needs to follow orders blindly to ignore the actions that he has to commit, but I would need to think for a while or look up to see that his name is Cassian. Perhaps it is a small complaint, but it is one that I feel is needed to be said.
Rogue One emulates the tone of a war film, which certainly adds to the film, but it also hinders it from eliciting as much enjoyment from the audience as the last seven Star Wars films did.I am not saying that this film should have mimicked the tone of the earlier films, I understand it wasn’t meant to be a fun movie and that it is trying to be a more serious film, but I question if it went too far.

The film also lacked the humanity of the earlier films. Out of all the characters in the film, I felt the most empathy for the robot . This is a shame, especially when you consider how much those human moments added to the first seven installments of the series.

I never really felt the sense of scope that the other movies had, despite the film taking place on several planets. The settings just simply seemed like variations on Earth. There is a planet that is a dessert, a planet that is mountainous and rainy, there is a planet that’s a beach, but at least we briefly see Vader’s Castle on the Lava Planet of Mustafar. While yes, the planets look nice, there is no reason that these planets couldn’t have been combined into one planet. These separate planets don’t add to the Star Wars mythos.

​The action in Rogue One is hit or miss. It simply feels like it exists because the plot requires it at times. Much of it feels inconsequential. The action is gritty and interesting when it is there and matters, but it seems like it should have been spaced out better. No pun intended.
​I would like to conclude by stressing that this is a good movie and is definitely worth seeing in the theaters, but it isn’t a perfect movie. I would say that if the casual fan walks into the movie expecting to see a good movie, they will like it.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (A Mixed Review)